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About Us

We are Fred Tracy  and Dave Donahue.   We sell vinyl records,   and take your records on consignment for sale on Ebay, the most active collectible record market in the world.  . We are based in an old, funky looking warehouse in Philadelphia.     This blog site is full of information for the most experienced or the newest vinyl enthusist.    The articles are a combination of music information, hardware how to's, vinyl news and  links to other sites of interest to vinyl record lovers.  We update it regularly so book marks us and stop back often.  


Here's a bonus feature of visiting.  When we have really rare or unusual records come in for resale, we will often put them up here for a first view.   If you see something you like you can have first shot at acquiring the record before it goes on Ebay.  

We don't know much, but we know what we like.  Music.   Any kind if music.